close call anda new injury!

hey all, havnt been on here in a while.:smiley:
have got an amusing story to tell! was out riding early on saturday morning when i approached a one way road with traffic aproaching from my right, so i quickly idled to let the first car pass then since there was a huge gap between the next car i decided to go, quickly glancing to my left i noticed that a woman in a car was SO impressed with ym riding that she tapped her husband( who was driving) on the shoulder and pointed to me. (OOOO look at that man!!!)

he then turned left straight towards me, the wrong was up the 1 way road! i waved to him to stop and called to him that it was a one way road but they just both waved at me while i turned to call to them and waved agen. then he eventually looked back to the road where he was going …
right into the path of an on-coming car on the 1 way road! they both slammed on thier brakes and stopped about half a foot from eachother! then they realised what they had done they reversed out of the 1 way road, and yelled at ME like it was MY fault they were too busy waving at me to notice that they were going the wrong way down a 1 way road! needless to say my temper took over and what resulted was a very brief exachange of words!

it went sumthing like this?

woman: WHAT?

after that i just road off, cudnt be botherd to waste more time with these pair of fu**wits
HA HA! I love the word f""k!

then later on on the train i was holding my muni with one hand with the other hand holding a shoe box. i swapped hands, clenching the saddle between my thighs, only to have it slip out and start to fall to the floor, i put my leg out to stop it hitting the floor and also so i could pick it up with my foot, but got it a bit wrong,
both bolts on the seat post clamp firmly embedded them selves in my leg! they went in so deep that it DID actually stop the saddle from hitting the floor! bled all down my leg into my sock!

when i got home i had to un-pick the skin and hair from my seat post clamp! not pretty!

what a bloody day!

but it was ok though because after all that we went to the erotica show in london!! whoopee!!!

take care all and watch out for cars if your on the road or pavement!



People sure do stupid things, especially in cars.

Maybe it’s a bad day for drivers. Riding my Coker, I had a driver wait at a stop sign until I was just crossing in front, to decide to go. I turned quickly, and to my surprise I smiled like “Ha, you missed me!”.