Clipless Pedals Discussion Thread

As we have more than on thread about clipless pedals going here, I thought that this could be a thread to discuss all different styles that you could use clipless pedals on and the best systems to use.

See these threads for background.

Has anyone tried trials with these? They may not be good for drops (could brake) but for gaps and highjump they might help.
Also for highjump and gapping you could remove the frame and seat making it lighter and easier to tuck (maybe harder for those who pull up on the seat a lot) (don’t remove frame for skinnies/all around trials).
I may try this while waiting for my new post to come.

Is their supposed to be a link?

I don’t know about you, but going for my record in highjump I have quite a few dismounts, several of them in awkward directions. With feet attached to pedals I can easily envision ending up with my back slammed against the edge of a pallet. The extra dose of risk jitters would negate any benefit for me.

MUni I could work with.