Clipless pedals and Unicycling

I posted this article a while back to Rec.bicycles.rides when they were talking
about clipless pedals and wiping out.

According to Andrew Cotter:

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  • Speaking of clipless pedals. I am into unicycling racing (believe it or
  • not they have competitions for this) and this last spring my sister (also
  • a unicycle racer) and I came up with the theory that clipless pedals
  • on a unicycle will make the rider more stable, starts would be faster and
  • maximum speed should be higher. Well after a little talk we decided to
  • put our actions to words and we went out and clipless pedals. We also
  • bought all the pads we could think of, helmet, wristgards, hefty knee pads,
  • and elbow pads. The clipless pedals we bought had tension adjustments on
  • them. We had them set so we could get out of them easily.
  • When we first tried it out, and relearned how to get off and on the unicycle,
  • we found that it was great! We started going on distance rides and found
  • out how easy hills were with clipless. At this time we only had minor
  • crashes, mostly when we were trying to get off the unicycle and forgot
  • we were ‘locked’ in. When we fell trying to get off and on we were going
  • slow so we didn’t get hurt.
  • We started to train with them in the obstacle course (go around cones
  • in a predefined pattern) and found cornering was easier. Here we both
  • had some nasty wipeouts but the only thing that got hurt was our pads and
  • our ego (I forgot a couple of times that I was cliped when dismounting in and
  • did some spectaclar belly flops).
  • After a couple of weeks of telling everybody how great clipless pedals
  • were my sister had the big crash. At 6 in the morning we were practicing
  • the 100 m dash, (an all out sprint on the uni, we get up to about 180 rpm)
  • and just before the finish line she fell and bounced on the track. When
  • I came running up to her she was still ‘locked’ in. She ended up breaking
  • her pinky finger.
  • After her accident I fell kinda bad practicing the one foot race, after that I
  • couldn’t get up the nerve to ride fast with clipless pedals. My pedals
  • didn’t go waste although, I did some bike touring this summer and I plan
  • to tour much more in the future.
  • So the moral of the story:
  •   Don't use clipless pedals while unicyling racing unless you have
  •   a death wish or don't like your pinky finger.

Andy B. Cotter CAE UW - Madison Application Support

The 10 year old post from the guy trying to learn to ride one footed made me curious. I dug out this story from Andy and Connie which I find pretty funny. It sets us back over 13 years ago…
I would never dream of using clipless pedals on a uni, she was lucky not to break anything else but her pinky.
The beauty of this post is that we don’t have to wonder whatever happened to these two :stuck_out_tongue:

a friend of my (kai martin) rode all of RAGBRAI(a week long ride across iowa, totaling about 500 miles) on a coker this summer. he used clipless pedals. said he felt much more stable, easier on the knees etc. he broke his wrist during training though, and never had a fall at speed. but he’s nuts. so it can be done, just probably not a great idea.

Why are they called clipLESS pedals? they have clips!!! :thinking:
Clipless pedals is what they should call normal pedals or am i missing something? :thinking:

They are lacking toe clips, the cages that attach to pedals that you slip your foot into.