clip-treyflip then a blind in2in treyflip

as you can see I need a new name for the second trick. any suggestions would be appreciated.

pimp flip? cause thats probably the best way to describe it

its a full outflip I think looks pimp though.:smiley:

Yep its a full outflip, but you land it seat in.

a full outflip is landed seat out, you land it seat in so full inflip ??? no? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :sunglasses: :smiley:

ya I never thought about it like that, but that’s what it really is, so thanks.:slight_smile:

forrest i hate u! your getting too damn good! that trick is tight though

freakin ANIMAL!

I thought a in2in trey had been done before, by luke?

Dude, what the hell? At NAUCC you landed tre flips once in a while, and couldn’t land a NORMAL full outflip, and now you do a tre flip and a BLIND full outflip back to back? Insane (unless were you doing full outflip attempts blind at naucc?), definitly a great clip.

Alex toms has been doing those in2in tre’s for a while. I think he just called them in2in tre’s or just tre flips. Can’t remember.

Dang, I haven’t rode once yet since NAUCC. I really should.

I think he was doing blind ones before too because he is just spinning towards the hand on the seat, he normally spins it to the right but since he holds the seat with his left hand he has to spin it to the left from seat in.
So is a trick really blind if its the easiest direction to do it? like if he did a full outflip to the right it is going in the non-blind direction but it would be harder that way because it is not natural because of the hand positioning.

I really like the clip, so smooth.

We have got to get rid of these names. It was my fault for the outflip and inflip. I should have been thinking. They’re horrible names. It’s treyflip, blind treyflip (inin). Really that’s all it should be. Alex Toms was the first to do treyflips (inin). It’s not his blind either. (lucky him, lol). Next up for you my friend is the full varialflip.

-Shaun Johanneson

All this naming is giving me a headache.

I don’t care what you call it it’s Bit**en!!!

that was really smooth, not sketchy at all.
what kind of shinguards do you use? they looked perfect, covering your whole shin and ankle, but not your knee.

It’s funny how you do flip tricks… Usually people that do tricks like those throw their foot down farther with the pedal, then bring it back up… you just kinda pop your feet straight off the pedals, it seems…

sixsixones that are one size too small.:o

congrats on the full outflip forrest.

good work, i’d call it a treflip and a te in to in flip.
but thats just me.
also, i think if the way you do the tre in to in flip feels more comfortable to you, it not blind, I THINK. if you did it the harder way and it was the way you usually spin without a flip, then it would be blind. I THINK.
but im jealous of your skills, i will land tres soon. maybe tonight.

Im pretty sure that if you spin away from your front foot it is blind no matter which way you usually do it.