Clip - Trey Sideflip

Hello Unicyclist.

Luke Collalto



not bad.


amazing, i love you man haha

Incredible! You inspire me to learn more rolling tricks!

wo man that’s awsome

WOW so good

“we’re not worthy, we’re not worthy”

Dang…very impressive.

Wow, thats crazy.

Thanks for the video because I have been having issues with the hand positioning for those (without the flip). Don’t you accidentally sit on your hand sometimes?

Isn’t that supposed to be a McFlip? :stuck_out_tongue: I like the name Trey sideflip much better though.

Thanks for the fantastic comments.

Not as much as you’d think. Even if I do, I never realy sit on it, like have my weight on it.


That is soooo kool, tonight i was working on treyflips, i hit one of the pedals, and on my camera, i am doing everything i think, tips plz lol, but i dont have school tomarrow and will work on them, i am sooo close to treyflips, getting seat in, just missing the pedals.

wow ive actually thought of similar tricks like that in my head.

i would have nfi what to call tricks because i dont keep up with the street lingo.

The Mcflip?
That one thing kevin made?
He didnt do a flip with it, he wanted someone to, and luke fufilled his wish.

That is insane.

adrien delecroix

Very proper, good style:)