Clip - Trey Fakieflip

Hey unicyclists.

I learned trey-fakieflips today.

Here’s a vid.


Luke Collalto


That freakin’ rocks!

Damn, that looks so kick ass!

Really great job mate, very impressive.

And you used a song that I have recently been listening to!


Thats crazy. well done. are you making a new video any time soon?


your much better at trey fakieflips than you are at walking through doors !

is owen in melbourne

holy crap, thats really nice

Now go do that down a five set!!!


That is way cool!

hahaha… must be a really powerful door.

Sick! You’re awesome!

Nice! that is awesome.

Wow. How long did that take to get?

Cool, but why not just call it fakie trey flip? It sounds way better…

i agreee…
but wow you’re really good.


Thanks for your comments.

About a day. A couple of minutes once I stopped hesitating.

Well there are hick fakieflips. So trey fakieflips make sense. Also I thought a fakie treyflip is going backwards and doing a forwards treyflip.

Thats what i thought too.



So wouldn’t it be fakie trey backflip, fakie meaning riding backwards and backflip meaning spinning the pedals backwards.

no because a fakie flip is riding backwards doing a backflip. and he did it with a 360 unispin