Clip: TreFlip

Hey, I just landed my first tre flip today. I have been working on them on and off for a while so I was surprised when I landed it (so I just kind of sat there). See what you think.

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congradulations! It looked awesome. I’ve tried them but it does’nt work out. It has something to do with my hands. Any tips on how to spin it?

Try not to let the seat go and then land it seat in. I can’t do them yet either.

looks cool jeff

You spin the uni away from your flipping foot like I do. Have you found it to make it hard to do sex changes?
But good job on the treflip that was awesome.

For sexchange, i rotate my body counter clockwise around the uni (I’m right foot forward). I found it too awkward to turn clockwise while flipping the cranks forward with my right foot. If you are having trouble with them, Id suggest trying to body variel in the other direction like I did, makes it much easier.

If you are right handed, then you are the first person I have seen to do tricks the same as me. I am right handed, right foot forward, and I unispin to the left.

I’m right handed, left foot forward, spin uni to right. and I will try the body varials the other way. I can barely do them to the right right now. So I guess I can learn them the other way.

looks awesome man. i cant wait 'till i land them (very very soon)
good work

Nice man, you will be the one doing bigflips instead of full varialflips, lucky guy. (spinning direction)

-Shaun Johanneson

good job jeff. haha but i landed it frist :wink: