clip of UW rolling mount?

I don’t remember if there was a clip of someone doing a rolling mount on the ultimate wheel. Google searches bring up endless results.

Does anyone know of a clip?

Let me browse my super list of unicycle files and I’ll let you know. (This may take a few days so be patient.)

Didn’t bother to save that file unfortunately.

Jeff Lutkus posted one once and I may have it on my computer at work. I’ll check tomorrow.


thanks guys

Hey Accord, how’s it going with the neck 'n all?

I find out Tuesday around 11:00am as to how things are going with the neck. I will keep everyone updated.

jeff lutkus

if someone has the URL for jeff lutkus’s site, it has a vid of him roll-mounting his UW, and i think muniac was the other site that had some vids called brief UW freemount or something like that… ive only seen jeff do the rolling mount tho–too bad im at work and dont have my list-o-websites to refer to

I have the link, but it doesn’t seem to be working today. It was working last week. You can try if you like.

Re: jeff lutkus

Yeah, I’m pretty sure I had a clip there. Unfortuantely the university networks were recently reset, but my machine isn’t reachable. I’ll be getting back next week, so try again then. should then point to whatever the new ip address becomes.