Clip of the Week

I just thought to create this thread to post one clip a week every sunday, instead of posting all my clips at random places.

So this week, I’ll start off with an old clip (again…) that I thought about using in a new vid concept, which never came to birth. Could YOU discover what is this concept ?

Here are the links :

Gallery (HQ)



EDIT : Song by Nightwish…Julien would kill me !

r other ppl supossed to post vid clips 2…or just u?(not that i am going to due to that if i decide to uplaod something it will be a full movie rather than a clip)

and by the way that looked pretty cool.

I don’t know…if you have footages to post, I don’t mind if you post them here ! There’s no problem at all.

And thanks for the comment, even though I’m not sure if you actually saw what was “wrong” with it (Wrong isn’t the correct word, but nevermind…). You’ll have to watch my previous vids or clips to notice, except if you’re a true fan of me ! :stuck_out_tongue:


you did it switch?

WOW ! I just saw you were 14…are you really 14 ? You’re young, compared to your talent ! (By the way, that was a compliment, even if it didn’t sound like one :roll_eyes: )

And yes, it was switch.

You’re a mad man, Hugo.

yeah i missed that 4 sure…i dont watch enough vids to notice that…but by the way…that is sick for switch.

Pretty cool Hugo, ive seen that already:p.

Switch is pretty cool when hopping up 3 stairs…but you did do 6 set up not switch!


that would be regular:D, but yeah i noticed all by my self lol…pretty good, i just got 3 sets up regular, lol, your good tho

haha ya i am thanks. i turn 15 on Easter. (3/23/08.)

Cool! thats my brother’s birthday too and mine is on March 26

(kinda threadjack)

Nice video! Liked the music too, I love Nightwish!

New video !

It’s sunday ! Time for a new short vid…

Links :



dude the 540 off was clean…and that handrail at :30 looks like mad fun…i wish i had some nice ones near me…good job…also do you mind if we make this a “Clip of the Week thread” instead of a “Hugo Dugauy Clip of the week thread” jw…i think thats a good idea…

Why can’t anyone spell my name right !? :frowning:

Just kidding… yeah of course I don’t mind, why not !


shoot…i looked to to see how it was spelled…jeez im an idiot…sorry man…

Spoonthumb 666 posts :open_mouth:



New Clip of the Week : Donkey Walk ?


If someone knows the real name of this trick, please tell me !


haha i missed that, but hugo i liked the donkey walk thing pretty cool