clip: no-footer shifty

hey everyone! what’s up? so i was out riding last evening, thinking about the crankflip shifty that Xav did in the Flat Trip vid. i started trying to do no-footer shifties but it was realllllllly hard to turn the wheel much at all and then to turn it back and land the trick. after about a half an hour of practice i called it quits and decided to come back the next day. today i spent several hours trying to get my feet out far enough and getting the full 90 degrees of turning the wheel and finally got it!! yay!!

here’s the link. please let me know what you think! thanks!
peace, Jackie.


that was liek a non fotter shifty half flip C00L

Yay Jackie!!!

Hmm it looked more like a 90 degree x-up from seat in to me as your body didn’t really turn, only the uni. Pretty cool how you did it one handed from seat in though, seems like it would be hard to control. Nice job.

I’ve done pretty much that same thing before, but I thought of it as a seat in X-up, not a shifty. A shifty would mean you turn your body with the uni.

But it was scary and I didn’t get anywere near as much air and extension as you did…


so i should turn my body too? i was kinda thinking about that but i was also thinking that a shifty is were you turn the wheel… so moving it with your body is part of the thing too? maybe i should try for that! thanks!

That was more of a X-up like jeff said.

To do a no-footer shifty you would have to either turn one way, then take your feet off as your turning back.

Or take for feet off and turn, catch the pedals and turn back.

Good work anyway!

Yeah, definately an X-up, but still very kool.


is this more like it?

thanks for the comments everyone!

That’s awesome! Have you ever missed the landing? That’s what I’d be worried about, especially since you’d be nutting yourself on the seat if you miss the pedals! :astonished:

I would say both are shiftys. It doesnt matter if your feet follow with the uni. The whole point of a shifty is to tweak the uni in the air and add a little more fun or style to just a hop or jump.

most of the time when i miss, the uni goes out in front of me before i come back to terra-firma so it’s not a big problem.

isnt an x-up a 180 and then back? so it wouldnt quite be an x-up…

thats why he said 90 degree X-up.

Its a shifty!

but the pedals rotate in an X-up don’t they? so techincally he did it right the first time… and he did it even better the second time (I’m not going to say I’m right because I’m not 100% I’m right about what I said, but I thought and X-up had the cranks spinning…)

no, its just a unispin one direction then unispin back.

A shifty is a tweak in a hop. This is a tweak in a no footer = no footed shifty.