clip, hick-donkeykick

hey, heres a short clip of me doing a hick-donkeykick… landed it 2 days ago–

Cool :sunglasses:

That was pretty cool. I want to learn to do a donkey-kick someday. But first I will probably learn to do a crankflip.

hey nice job, its a fun trick. I got my first hick-donkeykick exactly one week ago (im getting close to tre donkeykicks now, i want to be the first to get those)


360 unispin donkey kick me thinks.

yeah, i know… thats wicked.

Sweet! I was close to land some today!

Hm, one word comes to mind…Envy…


Cody is jealous.

It is a really cool trick. I want to try that sometime.

Link doesn’t work for me:(