clip, handrail fall.

now im injured, hopefully riding again soon. :frowning:

Looked painful.

how did you expect to land that when there was a fence right infront of you?

there was enough space to ride out, but I dont see what happened exactly, how did you hurt your arm and how serious is it?

it was good enough space to land it.
actually my arms are ok, eccept my wrists hurts a bit.
the worst thing is my foot. i cant put any weight on it, and its really swollen up.

i dont know how serious it is, ill probably go to the hospital tomorrow if its not better.

but i think im out from riding at least a couple of weeks,
hopefully nothing is broken, so ill ride again soon

to slow to edit my post, anyways:
look closely at my right foot, and see how it lands.

yeah i crashed about three weeks ago while muniing, and hurt my foot, but i still rode out anouther mile or so, it ended up being broken. if your foot really hurts, theres a chance its broken. :frowning:

Good lesson: Donā€™t grind handrails.

im so glad im not a back foot grinder.
man that looks painful

hope its not broken :frowning:
Evan : hmm, good idea, but i`ll probably grind handrails again soon.

i was there when it happened, we where jumping overe a fence to do that rail :sunglasses: it was hard to get kristtian lee out of there, when his foot was almost brokenā€¦


that looked painful, hope your good to ride soon,


Any chance you can upload it somewere else, It dosnt seem to play for me :frowning:

sure, here you go.

Ahh man that looks painful!
Hope you up ride again sone

Welcome to the injured foot/ankle from handrail club. If its a sprain I wouldnt plan on ridding to soon.:o Im 2 out of my 8 weeks of my down time in. A break can be better than a sprainā€¦sometimes. Anyway I hope you heal quick man.

hopefully its just a really bad rolled ancle.
8 weeks :astonished: oh that sucks
hope im better in a week or two :o