Climbing stairs hurts, now idling too

My right knee has been hurting while walking up stairs. I went out the other day after a long time off the unicycle, and my feeble attempts at idling killed me. Do I just stop trying? See a doctor? What can a doctor do about knee pain anyway (a horizontal line of pain through the center of my kneecap.)

dude. see a physical therapist or a doctor. they are anatomy-trained. or, just go to the hospital and have it looked at. My knees hurt too for a bit. Went to the physical therapist, got a look at them, he told me what to do.

yep, go to a doctor…

You did not say how old you are or what condition you are in. Prior to this year I have 15 years Biking - about 2000-3000 miles per year. This year, strictly unicycling. I am 40 and weigh about 170. My biking or Uni is really the only excercise I do.

Anyway, I have had many knee pains this year. Mostly it happens when you try to overdue mileage, or learn something new. I think a little bit of pain is to be expected. This is the way the body betters itself. If the pain is really bad lay off for a few days. If it does not go away, then see a doc. If it is so bad you can not even walk, see a doc.

Usually, I find, just doing less for a few days helps. Oddly, if I do nothing for a week I feel like crap. I feel best when I ride 4-5 times a week.

a doctor will tell you to stop riding, see a sports physiotherapist.
your problems may be similar to my own earlier this year. A good physio will give you exercises which helped me lots

Re: Climbing stairs hurts, now idling too

immediately start practising idling with your ‘other’ foot down
and then ask your hero how he dealt with his knee pain and problems

this is going to be interesting

Don’t ignore knee pain. I ignored mild knee pain for a while and it kept getting worse. I had the stupid idea that if something hurt you should maybe take a days break or so and then suck it up. Bad Idea.

Finally went to a doctor and it turned out I stress fractured both my knees. Wasn’t allowed to do anything but walk for about 3-4 months and my knees have never been the same since. If I would have rested for a week or so when I first felt the pain I probably would have been good to go.

Lesson learned: Don’t Ignore Joint Pain!