Climbing stairs hurts, now idling too

My right knee has been hurting while walking up stairs. I went out the other day after a long time off the unicycle, and my feeble attempts at idling killed me. Do I just stop trying? See a doctor? What can a doctor do about knee pain anyway (a horizontal line of pain through the center of my kneecap.)

Yup, no more of anything for awhile … and probably a shot of cortisone from the doctor.

Re: Climbing stairs hurts, now idling too

the right leg “shake it out”
start practicing idling with your other foot.
If that gets sore, alternate legs.

Re: Climbing stairs hurts, now idling too

I’ve been prone to minor knee problems and don’t personally feel much confidence in doctors on the matter.

Recently I decided to start doing deep knee bends every day or couple of days; the reasoning being that, they will promote use of the joint through a range it normally doesn’t get much use in (during everyday activites the knee rarely gets used in the fully bent part of the range) and also promote blood flow to the area.

If you’re going to try it, it would be very important to be extremely careful, to bend slowly, and to not do it if it makes the pain worse.

There’s two ways to deep squat; one in which the heels lift up as you go down; the other in which the heels stay on the ground- the second is initially more difficult, but it’s the one I prefer, and I do feel that it’s better for the knees.

Initially I started with small sets of 4-10, now I’ve just incorporated in into my weights schedule and basically do one set of 50-60 reps every couple of days (that’s deep squats with no extra weight).

My knees do feel much better- I can’t say that it’s definitly down to the deep squats, but, in your position it could be worth a try.

But do remember, knees are delicate, especially as you get older- your absolute priority if you try this must be to ensure that you stay focused and don’t make them worse.

Thanks, I’ll try that.