I just want to know. How many people will be going out today to climb hills. Where the goal is having a fun climb. My ride today will take me up about 15-20 San Francisco hills. About 3 hills will be VERY STEEP. I’ll probably be out 3-4 hrs, maybe 10 miles. I have never ridden with anyone else so I don’t know if others climb hills.
What will you ride today? Tell me about your climb.

You need to go on some rides with us. There are Berkeley and Santa Cruz unicycling groups that are fairly active with muni and big wheel rides. What kind of unicycle are you riding?

A bunch of us rode the 100K route with 4000 feet of climbing at Strawberry Fields Forever yesterday. We were all on 36" inch wheels.

Hey thanks for the reply. My 36 is in Kauai. Here in SF I use a 28. I would have a very difficult time climbing SF hills on my coker. I’ll bring the 36 back to SF in August and I would love to do some rides in Berkeley and Santa Cruz

A couple of Berkeley guys did some off-roading on fire roads in the East Bay on Sunday, it would have been fine territory for a 28". (We had a Coker and a 29er).


ill be climbing hills today. it is actually what ill be working on the next few days.

No hill climbing today. Did that on Saturday and my legs are still sore. Not sore from the climbing, but sore from the descending. Did one vertical mile.

It is good to like climbing hills. It differentiates you from all the kids in the forum. Kids today are lazy and don’t appreciate hill climbing. They also don’t appreciate having to walk half a mile on a dirt road to catch the bus and they trespass on other people’s lawns.

And it wont be that long before they’re running the country.

Hey, I did some fun climbing on Sunday afternoon. 1200 feet to start off with, followed by a couple of descents and ascents, maybe another 500 feet in total. Somehow when it’s on proper off road, it seems much harder than road riding that amount of ascent. I was a bit knacked though, after racing road bikes on Saturday, road biking is just so so much harder exercise than unicycling.


Not today, had to catch up on work that I missed from riding this climb on Friday, Independance Pass, Colorado. , Climbing is cool, especially if your fortunate to climb high elevation. Cheers.

I ride a lot at lunch time, and I have about a 3 mile loop that I ride once or twice a week that has a good amount of hills. ( says 3.1 miles, 248 feet climb, 520 feet total elevation change…) Two sections I have yet to successfully finish… both are right at the edge of my abilities… One is a dirt road with a lot of rocks… I always hit something and UPD…

The second section is pavement, and at the end of my ride… Its steeper than the dirt road, and I am usually so wasted by the time I get there I screw up and UPD… Or I just flat run out of gas…

I ride on a good old Torker DX 24…

One of these days I am going to ride the whole thing… I feel sorta weak on hills… so I figure the best way to get better is to keep doing them… :smiley:


Does it count if you did it on a bike? I tell ya, the downhills were certainly more fun! (a tame first ride… Only 12 miles and 4 substantial hills)

Edit: I live in SF proper (Bernal Heights). I ride muni and trials pretty exclusively, but yes, I used to uni hills, until I noticed how much better bikes are for that purpose. If you’d like, I’ll race you down O’shaughnessey :-P.

Last Monday I took my Coker to Auburn and rode up Old Foresthill Road, something I’ve never done. All my mileage training for the Tahoe ride has been nearly flat (which Sacramento is), and I needed some hills. That was a bit much to bite off though. 1000’ up in about 3 miles, most of it constant! My total up was maybe 1200, then I turned around and rode down a much steeper (paved) road, and down the Clementine MUni trail. A fun ride, but I was sore until Friday! I need a bunch of smaller hills but there are hardly any nearby…

I used to have to walk a mile to school, in the snow. So I trespassed on somebody’s lawn to make it a little shorter! :stuck_out_tongue: