Clicky Nimbus(s)

I have a Nimbus 20" Trials and a Nimbus 29" Cross Country and they both make a ticking/clicking sound as I’m pedalling, this originally happened on the 20" not long after I bought it and I put it down to the pedal (only seems to do it on one side), but now my 29er has started making the same sound. I have checked that the hubs are tight and the brackets that hold the wheels on are tight (not too tight, but certainly not lose). Is my original diagnosis of a problem with the bearings in the pedals correct? If so, then I don’t think there is anything to be done except replace them as the are sealed units as far as I can tell? The pedals on both uni’s are the same stock ones that come with both unis. Is this a known fault with these pedals?

Thanks Ben

Check the spokes. They come loose after a bit of riding and may need to be tensioned again.

I did and they seem OK. Are you discounting the pedals?

My Nimbus made the same light ticking sound right out of the box. I have no idea what it is. It’s really soft but regular. I hope you figure it out. Maybe it’s all the same issue.

Might be bad pedal bearing. Can you open them up to clean and re-grease them?

EDIT: Just read that you said they are sealed units. I can only imagine you’d have to replace them if that is what’s wrong but don’t take my word for that, wait til someone with more knowledge and experience throws their 2 cents in.

It’s not your shoelace hittling the spokes though is it?!

I’ve had a similar problem happen to me, i re-tightened all the nuts and bolt’s, and eventually it went away. never knew what the actual problem was tho…

I had the same thing with a 24" Nimbus. I tightened up the spokes a bit and then stress-relieved them by torquing them with a screw driver. Here is a web site that talks about stress-relieving spokes:

After all that the clicking went away. Coincidence?


I found that I needed to rub a bit of wax on each of the spoke crossings to stop them from clicking after doing all the things listed above. Worked for me.


I did the exact same thing when mine started clicking and it hasn’t clicked since.

Thanks Scott I’ll check out the website

The random clicking on my muni (a while back now) was spoke crossings, and I waxed them as Carey said above. The clicks went away.

A pedal bearing is usually easy to diagnose as the click almost always happens in the same spot in the rotation as you pedal along. That is, if it clicks each time your left foot hits the low spot as you pedal, then it’s likely to be a pedal bearing. Even with sealed bearings, I’ve found that dripping in some lube can silence the clicks. YMMV though.

Two things have caused clicking on my unis:

My cranks would creek if they needed to be tightened. Or my seat bolts need tightening.

On my mtb hard pedaling while standing caused the spokes to quack like a duck. Tightening them fixed this.

After getting the nerve to roll off curbs, my Nimbus is making noise, all on the right side. I can feel a sort of pop through the right pedal in regular intervals. . It makes the same sound when I wiggle spokes. I’m afraid to tighten spokes because I don’t know how and I don’t want to throw the wheel out of true. Would I feel a spoke problem through one pedal? My Nimbus is less than 4 weeks old. It shouldn’t have bearing issues. What kind of wax are you talking about for the spokes? I’m afraid to ride it as is. I’m not as happy riding the Torker full time.

This happened to me when I first boguht my Nimbus X freestyle. My dad fixed it ^^, I’ll ask him how when I get home