ok guys…

i have got a clicking on the left side of the uni. It sounds a lot like a loose crankarm but i have tightened it as far as it will go and there is absolutely no movement when i wiggle it. Also, i switched pedals just to be sure that wasnt it. I took the frame off, cleaned the bearings, and put the frame back on to make sure nothing was in the main caps. i have had a lot of trouble recently with loose crank arms so i am not sure what to think. it is likely that the left one is loose but since i have been dealing with it so much i think i would know if it was the source of the clicking. The clicking only takes place if i am standing while riding, idling, or going backwards. it is not rhythmic at all. i also checked the spokes to make sure they were all tight. i have no idea what to do. i the sound is annoying and i am worried that riding it will do more damage.

Do you have a Kris Holm Seat? Mine clicked for a while. That’s the only other thing I can think of. There really aren’t that many parts to have loose, and I think you’ve covered the rest. Good luck. I know how unnerving that can be!

What type of Unicycle is it? Does it have a splined hub?
My profile hub made a clicking sound when I first got it, which developed into creaking, but was fixed by the application of antiseize onto the splines. It could be one of a number of things, depending on the click and where it’s coming from. It could be clicky pedals, or the axle/crank splines, or the spokes, or the seat (not so likely if it sounds like it’s coming from the left). I know you have checked most of these out, but they are all things that can click. Clicking sounds are annoying and it’s good if you can be rid of them. It’s much nicer to be able to ride with only the sound of the tire knobs beating on the ground.

Have you done the ‘greasing the axle and hammering crank on with a wooden mallet’ thing?

If not there’s a fair chance that your crank is still loose.

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i am riding a yuni frame, miyata airseat, suzue hub, dx32 rim, 3inch arrow downhill tire, united cranks, and bulletproof pedals. i had the problem before where the crank arm would come loose every ride but lock-tight has fixed the problem. there is absolutely no wiggling of the crank arm and the clicking sounds a lot like loose spokes but none are loose. thanks, guys.