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Hey, just a quick question. My Muni has started making weird clicking noises when i’m riding it (generally when i slowdown or hop) and i have no idea what it is. I’ve checked all the bolts and stuff and everything is good, but it still clicks…

Any ideas why it would be doing this??? :thinking:

Sounds like your spokes are loose, especially since it happens at low speed & during hopping. Either get a spoke spanner & tighten each spoke nipple by the same amount (probably half a turn or something) or take it to the LBS and get them to tighten & retrue the wheel.


The above could be true, but based on my own experience, it is much more likely that one (or both) of your cranks are clicking. They are probably tight, but there is a very small amount of play left in them, if you take it apart and re-assemble it with greese or anti seize stuff, then it should stop clicking. Be carefull about just tightening spokes, unless you have built a wheel before. by the way, what type of unicyle is it? especially is it splined or square taper?

I have had that same problem with two of my unis, and it is annoying, but can be fixed :slight_smile:

the old splined cranks are well known for their clicking

My KH Freeride has clicked from day one. Only problem is I haven’t reached the skill level where I ride and have 1 ear near the wheel or cranks:)

I’ve got a KH Freeride aswell and I’m getting a clicking noise aswell. I tried the cranks, cleaned the bearing shells, tightened every bolt on the thing, and put grease everywhere, and even chain lube where the spokes touch to eliminate the potential of it being the spokes.

all this and it still does it, so if anyone knows where it’s coming from, It would make me very happy…


hmmmm, I wonder if the kh clicking could be comming from the hubflange/axle interface. The kh rims have eyelets, I really dout it’s coming from the spokes. And you should feel the frame shifting if it where comming from the bearing housings. I suggest puting some anti sieze on the splines where your cranks go.

anybody checked the pedals and pedal bearings for the origin of the clicking noise?

My onza trials (KH Hub) clicks at low speeds and when hopping also, but it sounds to me like spokes.

Spoke noise is fairly distinctive, its a kind of ‘ting’ noise, as the spokes rub together… Its very similar in noise to those plastic beads you used to get on childrens bikes that made noise as you rolled the wheel around.


See this thread for what sounds like a similar issue:

I have a new KH24" Freeride, and have been getting clicking / ‘tink’ sounds when I hop. I’m going to have the spokes tightened & stress relieved sometime soon.

That pinging is exactly what comes from splined cranks. I know the sound, it totally seems like it should be coming from the spokes.

I bet anything the clicking is coming from either the crank/spline area, or the hub flange/spline areas. If this is the case, there is nothing wrong with the unicycle. It’s just what splined cranks tend to do. A possible solution, is throwing a slightly larger washer on bewteen the bearing and crank to be sure that the axle bolt is putting all it’s force on the crank, and not bottoming out on the axle.

EDIT: before you have your wheel retencioned, try sticking little bits of cloth or paper towel between the spokes that touch. If it still clicks, its not the spokes.

I thought the '05 KH/Onza Hub/Crank set was designed not to make “sounds”.

UDC Quote:

so if i do this the clicking stops, It’s the spokes, this is bad and i have to get them tightened. Otherwise it’s probably nothing and riding it won’t completely destroy it?

cilcking or not, I HIGHLY doubt riding it will hurt anything. As I said (profile style ridges) splines are notorious for pinging even though nothing is wrong. Even with bikes, that’s just the nature of the beast. ISIS (wider) spilnes seem to be resistant to this.

yeah, i read that too. I don’t see how a split washer can make any differnce. If someone knows more about the design, please enighten me. Any machined axle/crank set can be condsidered “high precision” because most cnc machines cut up to a .001" tolerance.

having built many a wheel, I can say as long as your wheel is true, and your spokes are tight, there is no reason to have the wheel retencioned.

if the wheel is true…you can take the tire off and go aorund with a flat head screw driver and tighten each spoke one turn, it works perfectly.

Re: Clicking Uni

On Thu, 1 Sep 2005 20:06:57 -0500, “Nimrod” wrote:

>> before you have your wheel retencioned, try sticking little bits of
>> cloth or paper towel between the spokes that touch. If it still
>> clicks, its not the spokes.
>so if i do this the clicking stops, It’s the spokes

OK your problem is solved, or at least identified.

For others attracted to this thread because they have similar
symptoms, I firstly second GILD’s suggestion of checking pedals
(should be tight, or a pedal bearing is broken).

Secondly: tighten the pinch bolts if your uni has them. I had clicking
noises (and I could feel the clicks too) on my 2004 KH24. Turned out
that I had to tighten the pinch bolts more than I would have thought.
Perhaps stating the obvious: the pinch bolts are the ones that pinch
the hub end of the cranks around the splines on the hub.

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The sound often comes from the cranks, like for example in my trials, there is little to do about it. I tried everything, and even my local bike expert/dealer/importer suggested to tighten the spokes or grease them. I tried, and of course this was no sollution… The thing is in the cranks. It does not hurt the unicycle, but try to pick the thing apart and reassemble it. I heated the crank in boiling water to get an expansion (which of course will go back as the cranck cools, so assemble wilt hot). This worked and the clickingsound was gone for several months. Now, the click is back but the crancks feel much tighther and more fitted.

As long as it is not the spokes and your cranks are really tight (does NOT move at all), there is no problem.

A friend of mine simply tightened the bolts a lot which only caused the bolts to break and his canks are now loose and you can pull them half a revolution before the wheel turns…

(Notice that it ounds just like the spokes even when it is in the cranks… Even professional team-mechanics with whom I have talked cannot distinct the sounds)

Ok. I’ve tried the paper in the spokes trick, and it still clicks so i am assuming for now it’s probably not the spokes, but it is getting worse. It’s clicking a lot more now (i can feel it) and it seems to only be the right crank.

last time i took it out it started clicking while i was riding for a bit then stopped clicking for a bit then started clicking only when idling again… If it is just regular clickage i shouldn’t be able to feel it should i? :thinking:

i made a pathetic attmpt to take off the cranks but i couldn’t even turn them with my tiny little allen keys (and didn’t want to bring out the hammer cos i’d probably have a bit of trouble getting them back on that tight)

It’s a really disturbing sound like someone cracking their knuckles (if their knuckleswere made from metal).

you have nothing to worry about.