Clicking sound and feeling

Okay, sorry for all the threads lately… :roll_eyes: But I seem to have yet another issue.

After a big ride last week, I noticed a slight click coming from somewhere in my wheel (it seems). After going through my whole uni and making sure everything was tight and my bearing clamps weren’t too tight, etc. I figured it was maybe my bearings.

So I ordered some new bearings and put them on today, and can still hear the clicking. Almost seems to be in the same spot, and I can feel it very slightly in my handle bar.

I know my bearing clamps aren’t too tight or too loose, I’ve made sure my cranks are as tight as possible, my pedals aren’t the culprit.

As of right now, I’m at a loss. I’m hoping there’s something obvious here I’m missing, but I’ve spent literally hours, trying to figure out what it is. I can ride it with the sound, but it bothers me as I’m afraid it’s my uni telling me he’s gonna die or something. :frowning:


Well I had a slightly similar and embarassing issue. I kept hearing a clicking/pinging sound coming form the wheels or spokes. Tightened everything and sprayed WD40 on the spokes and nipples but the sound was still there. It was then I realized that it was just the sound of my shoelace hitting the frame :o If you can feel the click then it’s probably not the same. I’d say spray some WD40 on the spokes and nipples if you think it’s coming from the wheel

Just wanted to add that I can feel/hear the sound while off the uni. That’s why I don’t think it’s my spokes either.

I was going to suggest spokes as well.

I had a funny clicking thing on my Schlumpf just before the flange broke.

I had the same issue on my uni. Mine had the lollipop pashly style bearing holders that slide into the forks and are held in place with two screws each side.

It would do this when these bolts were loose, causing the holders to wable in the frame oncer per rotation. I tightened up the bolts with screwlock solution to stop them working loose and that sorted it.

However, after 6 months the sound came back, this time the frame around the bolts had cracked. It was new frame time.

Pedals? Mine click when they come loose and if they’re super loose I can feel it