clicking or "ping" noise

Hi, just got my new KH07 and when i hear a click or “ping” noise sometimes. This only happens when i am sort of idling while holding to a pole or something, so i suppose it happens when i put all my weight on the cranks.

any help apreciated


Do these things in this order, it should fix your problem.

  1. Tighten your cranks
  2. Tighten your spokes
  3. Rub wax on the spoke intersections all the way around both sides of the wheel


I think it is the spokes. If the wheel is new the spokes usually adjust itself. It will make some sounds in the beginning, but should stop after a while. :slight_smile:


spokes. check tightness.

i read somewhere to tap the spokes and listen for a dull sound, well i have heard the noise from each spoke, and theyre the same, so i’ll try to tighten the crank and the wax thing.

If the spokes all sound dull, that’s almost certainly your problem–you don’t have enough tension in the wheel. (This is true for pretty much all factory-built wheels). Tighten all the spokes at least a quarter turn, probably a half turn. When you pluck a spoke, it should have a tone somewhere above middle C.

sorry, i meant they all sounded that same as in they all didn’t sound dull



This is a new KH 2007? The wheel was machine built, so it should be well tensioned already. The spokes could be releasing tension, but I doubt it.

Check the cranks for sure, if the bolts are loose, I’d go ahead and remove the cranks and rei-nstall using Loctite Red on the splines, then crank it down.

It could also be your seat creaking, this is what mine does, so try tightening the seat bolts and grab handle.

thanks, i lubed the spoke intersections with vaseline, now there is no noise at all


It seems that the wheel geometry on the KH unicycles occasionally sets you up for that…particularly with painted spokes. Glad it worked. It took me a while to figure that out a few years back and it was driving me crazy.