Clicking KH Moment Titanium hub

Has anyone had issues with the KH Ti Moments?

My partners hub clicks and there is an annoying bit movement from side to side, and I’m pretty sure it’s coming from inside the axle. Would welcome any ideas on how to fix this.

Ken, is it the full titanium version or the titanium-carbon one ?
The titanium-carbon has the same clicking noise as Moment version due to gap at the splines between steel axle and aluminum flanges

When I rode with Kris in BC last year. He had the loudest hub of all. The MomenTi with the carbon in the middle. I’d try dropping some locktight where the flanges are pressed, but I dont know if there’s an actual solution to that.

The post above from Jaco_Flans is not the first one I’ve seen about going riding with KH himself and being accompanied by the sound of a loud creaking hub!

Regular KH Moment hubs have had this problem for many years, and it has been covered extensively on this forum in 2004, 2005, 2011. I also started a thread about it in 2013 because I had bought a uni with a KH wheelset that started creaking within only 2 weeks or so. A few fixes are suggested on both my thread and another of the more recent ones. I didn’t try any procedure that required surgery, but eventually I persuaded UDC to honor their warranty by giving me a Nimbus hub, and, once I had rebuilt my wheel, the problem was solved. It’s been more than a year of frequent hopping and dropping, and I’m a fairly hefty guy, but my Nimbus hub has not uttered a peep.

Neither of the hubs I used was titanium, so maybe this story isn’t relevant to your situation, but I have a feeling it is.

Just so you know the Moment hub wasn’t made until 2006, and that one had steel flanges welded to the spindle. The earlier KH/Onza hub did have creaking problems for some people, but maybe not as prevalent as with the later spool style Moment hub.

As for the loctite suggestion: There is a version of loctite that is made for eliminating key movement in keyways. That would probably be the stuff to use. To do a good job of it you would probably have to pull the bearings, and the flanges. If it is a wick in product you may be able to apply it to the assembled hub, but i would still pull the bearings first. If any of that stuff gets into the bearings you will hear a squeal that will make you miss the clicking noise.

lol, I saw this and thought of my signature. I’m a big fan of steel. O:-)

Actually I don’t mind the creak a little. I used to ride some creaky pedals so that people would hear me if I came up behind them. I usually have headphones in anyway.

The new KH hub is the true answer, but really there’s nothing wrong except the noise.

Well, in some of those old discussions, it was pointed out that if there’s noise, then there’s something moving around in there. Some people also reported that their Kreaky Hubs eventually failed. I rode mine for about 10 months, and it was definitely getting louder and looser by the end.

This is the carbon/titanium version.

I don’t know what it looks like on the inside, but there is a bit of play, so something must be loose where the axle inserts into the hub body/flange.

It’s a fairly new hub, only used by a 50kg rider, but it’s a bit annoying.

Mine is also noisy some times but not so much
The aluminum flanges are pressed on the splines of the steel axle, the play and the noise is coming from the interface flange:axle and aluminum/steel

That’s what I figured, but I don’t know how it’s pressed together. What would happen if the hub failed completely? Will the flange slip on the axle?

may be but in my eperience its more likly that the flange will break.

meanwhile i bought two normal hubs to exchange the alu flanges of my ti hub:(