Clicking in right pedal!

On my new nimbus x, I have this weird clicking in my right pedal. It’s like whenever it hits this certain spot in the rotation it clicks a little. Also, I feel like my wheel wobbles a little bit. Should I tighten the bearing clamps? Thanks 4 the advice! :slight_smile:

first make sure that the cranks and pedals are tight. I had a problem on my unicycle with my left pedal, i heard a popping noise and felt something popping in my pedal during a certain part in the rotation sometimes. This only happened with odyssey pedals though. If tightening the cranks and pedals doesnt fix the problem try using different pedals.

Yeah, I had that same problem with my pedals. I think they have cheap ball bearings in them that are moving around and are stuck in places inside the pedal, which explains why they’re clicking. I squirted a lot of WD40 inside the pedal and after riding for a long time the clicking went away. If it gets really annoying just buy new pedals.

Don’t know what to say about your wobbling wheel.


I don’t know about the odysses, but most pedals you can at least take the end-cap off, and tighten the bearings up. it’s very difficult to get it just right, it doesn’t want to be too tight or it’ll be harder to ride, and it’ll trash the bearings just as fast. too loose and they’ll just come straight undone again.

alternatively you could just buy some new ones…

Check and make sure that the main cap bearing holders are tight enough. I had the same problem when I got a new uni. I thought that it was tight enough. I tighened it a little and that problem went away.

If that doesn’t do it, It could be that the pedals need to be taken apart and regreased. I realize that it is a new uni, but, that’s what I had to do on my Nimbus muni. The symptom that I had was more of a clunking rather than a click.

Good luck, either way. that

This might be kinda obvious or stupid, but I have a loose reflector on my Uni that makes a clicking every once in a while. It might just be that.

I have a nimbus Muni that has a clicking left pedal. So far I’ve assumed it was the pedal clicking on the deep thread of my riding shoes. I’ll have to check it carefully. (It’s too cold, ~15 degrees F, for me to want to ride now. )

clicking and a loose wheel sounds whole lot like a slightly loose crank to me.

Clicking on my shoe tread was not the problem,

I did as siafirede suggested and tightened the right pedal to the crank. The pedal didn’t feel loose, but it was about a quarter turn less than tight.

No more clicking for me :slight_smile: .

Tylercox, did you fix your click?

I think its your crank that are loose. I got the same thing on my Nimbus. I tried to tighten it a few times but it keeps comin loose.:frowning:

my Nimbus X creeks even with upgraded cranks. and everyone i know who has a nimbus cranks do creek

None of the square taper hubs I have ever squeak. You better make sure there is some grease between the crank and the hub and make sure it’s on tight. Aluminum cranks need to be tightened every few rides.