Clicking in my KH seat assembly

So after a bit of a break, I got back on my KH 24 and I think I have pinpointed a reasonn for this clicking feeling and sound I’ve been getting. Does it make sense that the clamp connecting the seatpost to the brake arm might be bad and moving when I pedal? It may also be the connection from the brake arm to the seat? Everything is tight to the point where I’m nervous I might break something from being overtight. Damn frustrating…

If your problem were a clamp, you’d more likely hear some squeaking. Tightening or lubing the clamps would make the squeak go away. You could lube any metal / metal interface to troubleshoot your problem.

If you have an older KH/Onza hub you may be experiencing some keyway slop… this has lead to clicking in the past (search the fora for “hub” and “clicking”) Are you sure it’s coming from your seat?

A common affliction amongst KH seats is a broken stiffener plate. Your plate is most likely broken at the seatpost / seatbase interface. If your seat feels “flexible” when you push down or pull up on the handle, you should disassemble the seat and check out the plate.

Seat clicking comes about when the broken sections of the plate move against each other… it would click in sync with your pedaling if you “bounce” on your seat (even slightly) whilst pedaling. Try some SIF riding and if the sound goes away, the plate should be suspect.