Click Click

i know there are numerous unicycle-care threads around however what i am asking i havnt found the answer to. (obviously)

I have a nimbus ISIS 20" which i use for trials, however just recently i have been experiancing a click, click… noise as my cranks pass through a rotation.

I take care of my uni, tightening cranks, pedals, frame seatpost etc regularly but none of this seems to fix the problem.

HELP! :frowning:

I had this too, however i gotta say i havent noticed it for a while, or maybe im just used to it - i’ll check if its still there tomorrow and let you know.
Oh, mine isnt ISIS

So, you get a click with ever wheel rotation, at a specific place? I had that. My hub flanges were bent and the spokes were rubbing against the frame in a certain place. Then the cut a little groove through it and the noise stop.

That’s kinda damaging for the spokes and the wheel strength, so if anyone has any advice on preventing/stopping that sort of thing, I’m all ears!

Edit: I had this problem with a KH trials wheelset and a 24" qu-ax frame.

thanks that would be cool :slight_smile:

il check for that right now!

Tighten your spokes. Job done.

how much is a spokes key? :frowning:

I don’t know, because I couldn’t find one on your UDC, but bike shops should have them.

I suppose that was a rather lazy question of mine… a useless post really.

it should be easy enough for me to find this out for myself. however when i do get one i wouldnt know how to use it, perhaps the bike shop will give me lessons…

Yes, or they could do it for you just to be sure :stuck_out_tongue:

Persuming they still talk to me after i broke one of their beginner unicycles doing trials on it when i didnt know better :o I did get my money back though :smiley:

I have the same click noise on my Nimbus ISIS X 24-inch uni. I thought it was a pedal noise. IS the fix to tighten all the spokes just a bit or just a few ?

Tighten all of the spokes equally.

Well, you don’t really know if it’s the spokes.

It could be pedals, loose spokes, cranks/hub interface or the bent flanges as I described.

If it’s the bent flanges the clicking will continue even whe you spin the wheel in the air. If it’s the spokes, you can check by feeling the spokes with your hand. If they’re able to move quite freely, tighten them! Pedals can be checked by putting different pedals on. And if none of that worked, it must be the crank/hub interface.

If it’s the crank/hub interface you need to take off the cranks, clean and grease the interface, put the cranks back on propely and tighten them with a long allen key. It’s important, because riding with badly set-up cranks will damage your ISIS interface.

Thanks Ivan. I’ll go with the easiest test first. Pedal check, then spokes.
Crank/hub interface trouble sound too close to a transmission problem with a car! I was thinking I’d live with the click until it actually caused a physical problem, something I could feel or see.

By ‘spokes moving freely’ do you mean flexing like a guitar string or spinning between your fingers? I suppose they should all have the same feel, whatever it is, and adjust the ‘off’ ones.

Whine…I just want to ride, not spend too much time ‘in the shop!’

edit: It’s probably not a bent thing since I’m still only riding on flat pavement. Not stressing it out at all.

spokes moving, as in flexing.

One of the fastest ways to destroy pedals is UPDing on pavement, especialy with metal pedals. It is not good for square taper cranks either but the stronger ISIS interface should be better.

When tightening spokes remember not to go overboard and pull your rim out of true.

the thing is, and i know this is the frame, ussually when you switch the frame and it doesnt fit EXACTLY in the the dropouts like its supposed to do it because the bearings arent the right rize. i myself had this problem with my torker DX and nimbus frame, torker bearings being 40x20x12 and the numbus requiring 42x20x12. befor i found this out i heard very loud crackl9ing and banging sounds. i demolished 2 sets of 40mm bearings trying to figure out what the problem was. i hope this helped =)

Yeah, spokes should be very tight.

Tight enough only to move a few mms if you grab a bunch of them with your hand and try to pull them together.

That solved my problem!

If he didn’t make this thread, I would have. I am having the same exact problem, and suspeted it were to be my spokes. Only when i’m on the uni, I hear the click noise. Thanks!