Clever come back

I was having one of those days when i just sucked and the trials lines were no where and it was hot and sweaty
Then some teenager comes up to me and says “you have lost you other wheel”
So i just said " yeah i lost 4 fingers too" and showed them…(think about it)

you lost four fingers so all you had was a thumb, why’d you give that guy the thumbs up i would have flipped him off

Yesterday I was riding down college ave in Oakland, and a guy riding a bike with a spare wheel strapped to his backpack passed me.

I tried to catch up to him so I could ask “Hey, could I borrow your extra wheel?”

That would be a perfect moment for a bystander to ask you where’s your other wheel. You could just point (not with your middle finger)!

Re: Clever come back

Nice one i like it