cleared out the shed

2 x 26 (1.95) tyres (not been used)
1 rim with tyre 20 inch suitable for freestyle
set of Q-uax cranks brand new
bc wheel with nimbus plates and a standers rim and tyer
trials wheel in quite bad condition but still working
maxis creepy crawler very worn but could be slicked or personally i would still use it if i didn’t have a less worn one
koxx frame, seat clamp, seat post of a red devil with a onza seat (dont ask me why i spray painted it like that, but if it where to be sanded down and re sprayed it is a nice frame)
out of these i could make a budget trials uni if your not interested in the parts

pick up would be best but could post if its worth it
just make an offer i just would like to get rid of them

and again any one have any input in to this documentary its publicity

How much are thinking for the koxx frame?


what just the frame or with seat clap and post, is it is a good set up £15 for the seat post, frame and seat clamp?


pm sent bro


another pm sent