what color is the steel under the chrome on a yuni frame? i’m going to strip the chrome off and haven’t decided yet what color i want it. i’m considering putting clearcoat on it, but don’t know what that’ll look like


Chrome is plated over nickel so it sticks to the metal. It’s a big job to try and do that and have plain steel which will be greyish looking and basicly ugly. You could sand the chrome to provide “tooth” for a good primer paint to stick to and then a good color with clear over that.
I’d suggest epoxy based spray paint if you do it your self.
Or if you really want good results try a bike shop that has frame painting experience.

You want it powder coated!


i was planning on stripping the chrome off using a plastic bag full of caustic soda and a 6V battery. the hazardous waste i was just going to keep in a milk jug cause it’s illegal to dump and expensive to get rid of legally. so, i don’t think i’ll have any problems getting the chrome off. in fact, i was toying with the idea of plating it with copper. dangerous chemicals are fun