clearances on 36" frames

My 36er was the victim of a recent crash which has one again left me vehicleless. I have been thinking of making a frankentire for snow and Muni 36ering and was wondering if anyone knew which frames had the most clearance for a fat tire.

The frames I am considering at the moment are the Nimbus Titan, Nimbus nightrider and the KH36 frame. I would also consider Coker frames but am not sure if I could get just the frame by itself, same goes for Qu-Ax

If people could measure how much tire clearance you have with various frames it would be much appreciated.

Thanks everyone


i got a Coker Big one with Coker tire, i got 1.5cm clearance. i think Nimbus Night rider have more clearance.

Nimbus Nightrider with Nightrider tyre: about 7 mm at the sides and 18 mm to the top (slightly worn tyre with 2000+ kms on it).