Clearance Sale.

I found this today and thought that yall might be interested.

I know some people have been looking for a giraffe unicyle cheap. They come in 6 foot and 5 foot from UDC.

6 foot.

5 foot.

Anybody have one of these? Are they worth $99? Or would it be better to spend a little more for the Torker? Might be nice to have available for the club, so I may buy one. Any opinions on 5 vs 6 feet?

I got a 5 foot one i bought from a bike shop. I think it is the same. It looks it anyways. I bought mine for a little more though.

Our club got about 10 of these discount giraffes a few weeks ago(5 footers). They seam like your average giraffe, we have like ~125 giraffes most being sun’s or savages(5 FT) with like 5 shwinns(6 FT). All of them have held up fine. The club puts a lot of abuse on them too, especially when packing them on trips. So i would say it is a very good deal.

Any difference between the Sun 6-foot for 89 more dollars?

Re: Clearance Sale.

On Wed, 1 Jun 2005 23:04:25 -0500, “KcTheAcy” wrote:

>Our club (…) we have like ~125

Are you serious? That’s some club then!

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Will these deals ever be offered at

Bugman, the Torker is often on sale on ebay for $100, i bought one for $140 from, even with the ship to britain it was still alot cheaper than buying one here. It’s a good solid ride, but as with any cheap giraffe it can bend if you drop it lots, other than having to tighten the chain alot and one of the pedal bearings clicking already it’s great, i use it on a daily basis for commuting around the city.

I like these savage graiffes better than the sun ones, so no need to spend more i think. Our club has about 250 members.

I have a 5’ Savage I bought for $169 and I’ve been very happy with it. I think it’s a great deal at $99.

24" wheelset

UDC also has a “Racing Wheel for NUACC” advertised right now:

I need a 24" wheel so I’m planning to get one tomorrow. (It’s close enough for me to drive there, which I really like.)