cleaning out the shed

Another blatant advertisement from Wayne van Wijk follows.

I am rationalising the number of unicycles that currently fill my shed. As
some of them seldom get ridden I have decided get rid of …

28" Semcycle XL (good cruiser / commuter)
with brake (fitted to a viscount saddle) and a spare semcycle saddle.
AUS $400-00

20" Semcycle XL (good freestyle uni)
with hookworm tyre, alloy rim, semcycle saddle
AUS $180-00

Brand new 26" Muni (ridden twice)
Features Nimbus2 28" frame
Velocity deep V alloy rim
Viscount Saddle
AUS $350-00

20" generic unicycle (same as United)
painted red
AUS $140-00

My preference is to sell these within Australia as this is easier for me as
far as postage goes. But ultimately I want to sell them regardless of where
they go. Buyer pays for postage etc.

Please email requests directly to me.

Wayne van Wijk

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Re: cleaning out the shed

On Sun, 3 Aug 2003 23:14:49 +1000, “Wayne van Wijk”
<> wrote:

>20" Semcycle XL (good freestyle uni)
>with hookworm tyre, alloy rim, semcycle saddle
>AUS $180-00
I know someone in the Netherlands looking for a 20" Sem XL. But I
guess the shipping is prohibitively expensive. BTW, what is the AUS$
compared to the US$?

I recommend you crosspost your blatant advertisement to the forum as
newsgroup posts currently don’t get transferred (so you have only
about 10% of the usual audience). If you don’t want to subscribe I can
post it for you; you can check responses without subscribing. Just ask
me in a reply here on Usenet.

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Re: Re: cleaning out the shed

You might directly visit SemCycle (Apo Abrahams) in Utrecht, Tractieweg 172A. Or give him a call at 030-288 1968

I bought just recently a 16" SemCycle XL for my 8 year old son, because the Sem XL features a square crown and is much better for freestyle than his current uni. While we were at SemCycle we were invited to try many of his fancy cycles. It was good fun!


Re: cleaning out the shed

On Tue, 5 Aug 2003 07:42:06 -0500, bbraf
<> wrote:

>You might directly visit SemCycle

Thanks Franz but I’ve been to Semcycle’s workshop several times. I’ve
suggested to this other person to go there too. But for her a good
second hand XL 20" would also be nice if the shipping cost is low.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

“the helmet is to protect the brain, not replace it. - iunicycle”