cleaning out the shed (Cross Post)

I am rationalising the number of unicycles that currently fill my shed. Does one guy really need 10 unicycles?

As some of them seldom get ridden I have decided get rid of …

28" Semcycle XL (good cruiser / commuter)
with brake (fitted to a viscount saddle) and a spare semcycle saddle.
AUS $400-00

20" Semcycle XL (good freestyle uni)
with hookworm tyre, alloy rim, semcycle deluxe saddle (maroon)
AUS $180-00

Brand new 26" (ridden twice)
Features Nimbus2 28" frame
Velocity deep V alloy rim
Viscount Saddle
AUS $350-00

20" generic unicycle (same as United)
painted red
AUS $140-00

20" front wheel and handlebars
painted red
AUS $70-00

My preference is to sell these within Australia as this is easier for me as far as postage goes. But ultimately I want to sell them regardless of where they go. Buyer pays for postage etc.

Please email requests directly to me.

Wayne van Wijk

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