Cleaning Leg armor

I put my 661s in a pillow case and wash them in the washing machine. They smell lovely.

Okay, mine are fine after machine washing, and so is the washing I stuffed in with it. I had the temperature set to 40°C. The black stains on my hands might have been caused by my stripped aluminum frame after all? Or some chemical reaction between aluminum and KH leg armor? Anyone else with the same experience?

When I hand wash my KH armor, the water in the sink turns black. Because of that, I have not put them into the washing machine. I have not wanted to turn other stuff black. Hopefully all you riders learned from your Mom about sorting laundry into light and dark colors.

That’s exactly what I was afraid of. Maybe I’m just lucky but I put all kinds of other clothes in with it, and even my white boxershorts came out unblackened. So I guess it’s nothing to be worried about.:slight_smile:

nuking leg armor in the microwave for about 30 seconds WILL NOT melt of deform the foam of plastic in them at all but it sure as hell doesn’t help the smell… or at least I was too chicken to do a full out test nuking my leg armor for fear of destroying them… and the microwave… anyone else who wants to can make their own attempt and see if they get the same results.

Wrong machine, dude. Try the washing machine.:wink:

The radiation or whatever from the microwave is supposed to kill the bacteria.

If it works ill do it to mine. Ive had my guards for years, they are ripped to shreds, and no amount of washing machine gets the stink out. As soon as I put them on and after that days ride, they smell just as bad.

I also sweat more than a lot of my friends. Which is ok, cause when the pads are fully soaked with myself, they fit very nicely to my leg, and dont feel stiff or gross or anything. But taking them off and feeling the outside of my guards wet is kinda gross.

I bet I could ring out my guards. Mmm…

my guards aren’t in as bad of shape but I’ve tried everything to get the stink out… no amount of washing helps mine either. Your guards are gross…