Cleaning Leg armor

I have KH Leg armor and it is more then slightly fragrant any ideas as to how i can clean it ? Any info would be greatly appreciated by my nose.

follow the washing instructions that came with the leg armor? or Irradiation if you have access to the equipment.

Wash them in a tub using liquid laundry detergent. They type of detergent you use for a top loading or front loading washing machine. I just wash mine by hand in the bath tub and then hang them up to dry.

After you wash and dry them you can spray them with Febreze antimicrobial.

The stink comes from bacteria. The Febreze antimicrobial will help keep the bacteria from growing and stinking.

Unfortunately, once the bacteria get happy in the foam in the armor they are almost impossible to completely wash away. Washing and spraying with Febreze will kill some of them, but what is left will grow back and stink again.

The best solution is to wash the armor before they get stinky. That way the bacteria don’t have a chance to get entrenched deep in the foam.

this is kinda weird but do they have metal in them? because we microwave our sponges and it kills the bacteria. could i microwave the armor or do you think it would melt? (i think it would melt)

it would melt, I would advise against microwaving it…

I would be reluctant to try microwaving the armour. I don’t know how the foam and plastic would behave. It might melt or deform.

Has anyone tried microwaving 661 or KH style armour?

I’ve thought about it… never tried it because of fear of them warping or melting… might try it eventually… my leg armor is getting to the point where i can smell it a room away. I’ll just have to do it when I’m the only one home in case it just makes the house stink really bad and melts me leg armor.

How long would you need to zap it for the bacteria to die?

Ill test my guards out.

Just wash it. Hand wash. Isn’t that kind of obvious?

Hardly works.

Thats very obvious when you put them on and mins into the ride they smell again.

Mine used to smell really bad and after I wash them they never smell.

I put my sixsixones in the washing machine together with some clothes. Works fine, but it’s good to do them up first, so none of the sticky velcro parts can touch the clothes and get messy.
Haven’t washed my KH percussions yet, only had them for a little while. Has anyone tried putting them in the washing machine?

Just took mine out of the washing machine, this is the fourth time I wash them this way I think. No problem.
I put the leg armors in the “bag” they came with, as the instructions suggest. Oh, by the way. “Machine-washable in front-load washer”


Where is the difference in front and top loading for the washing ???

Ah, cool. So no hand washing necessary:p

Most top loading washers have an agitator that moves the clothes around… something like a paddle wheel in the middle of the drum. The agitator can be quite rough with your clothes, and can also snag and pull on straps, strings and other loose bits.

Front loading washers use gravity to move the clothes around, so they’re much more gentle.

If you don’t have access to a front loading washer (check your local laundromat) then you can throw your pads in the mesh bag they came with and toss the bag in your top loading washer. They’ll still get pretty clean, and the bag will protect the loose bits from getting caught in the agitator.

I bought a USED pair of KH leg armor for one of my kids (what a cheapskate!) The armor was really smelly when it arrived. I washed it in the kitchen sink with warm sudsy water, using Simple Green detergent (that stuff is great - It is not a laundry detergent. It is a gentle all-purpose cleaner found in most hardware stores). I kept each one in the sink for about 5 minutes and used a scrub brush to work the interior surface. Hang to dry. It worked beautifully. The armor came out great and my son (who wanted nothing to do with the armor before it was washed) now loves it. I have not had any problems with returning smelliness.

I loved the idea about the Febreze (mentioned earlier in this thread). My wife uses it around the house. I Never thought of trying it on leg armor. I think Simple Green and Fabreze will make a great one-two punch. Just say “No” to unpleasant leg armor oder!

I just put my KHs in the washing machine along with clothes. I hope it wil turn out o.k.
I noticed that the KHs coloured my hands black, when I touched them… Hopefully my clothes won’t be blackened now.

I just throw them in the washing machine, with my gloves and ankle biters.

Does the trick for mine…

Hmm. Mine get covered in salt residue from sweat, but they haven’t developed a stink (neither did the 661s I used for 5 years before getting the KHs). When they get too nasty looking, I hose 'em off in the driveway and let them dry. That’s probably twice a year.

I generally just keep mine in the back of our van (which is really the muni vehicle–rarely less than 3 munis stuck in back). But I live where it’s pretty hot much of the year, and so they dry out really quickly, whether after being hosed off or just after a ride. Maybe the hot, dry air is good for combatting the stink.