Clean out sale

Ive cleaned out all my surplus uni gear and have some bits and pieces i dont need anymore.

i have the following:

1x 661 comp shin pads,size medium. there is a crack in the padding on one of the shinpads. for $20

1x old nimbus x street frame. there is random spray paint all over it. i can sand it back to chrome if wanted. $15

1x nimbus 2 frame yellow, there is a ding in one of the frame legs,but this doesnt affect performance. it come with a single clamp seat post clamp. the bolts have some surface rust but i will fix this before i send. $20

1x Nimbus wheelset with creepy crawler, the hub flanges are slightly bent. Kh 137mm cranks are included. This wheelset would be good for a spare. $100 ONO

1x Kh muni seat setup, with adjustable seat post, freeride seat in black and magura brakes with attaching clamps. $150 ONO

1x black odyssey jim cielencki pedals, used $10

1x S&M 101 black pedals used $7

1x CrMo seat post 17cm $12

1x Qu-ax reinforced seat post 22cm $20

1x modified seat and post,similar to quax with nimbus seat cover. $25 ONO

I will have pictures up soon but i need to find a suitable camera.

willing to sell brakes seperate?

Hi Joel,
is the Nimbus x street frame the long neck version?
What part of Australia are you in?

Wayne, Brisbane

photos are here.

I forgot to add:
the nimbus x street frame is 22.2mm seat diameter
The nimbus2 is 25.4mm seat diameter

The chromo seat post is 25.4mm, the modified seat is 22.2mm,kh seatpost 27.2mm and the qu-ax is 25.4mm.

also i am willing to trade for a 27.2 seatpost (i dont want a kh adjustable one).

i really need to get rid of this stuff so here goes for $220 a package of
-trials wheelset
-yellow nimbus 2 frame with single bolt clamp
-both sets of pedals
-qu-ax and chromo seatpost

all you need is a seat and you have a trials uni.


Do you still have the street frame forsale???
P.M me if you do

Thankyou for your time