Classy Koxx One Custom Devil $250 shipped

I haven’t ridden this thing in years, so I’d like to find it a better home. It’s a little banged up, but works great.

White Russian Frame (pearl white)
Gold Drilled Rim
Black Rim Tape
Black Try-All Tire
Plastic Pedals for Slides
Gold Gel Saddle
Gold Seat Post Clamp

Will ship to contiguous 48 at no extra charge.

PM sent

Sorry I haven’t checked this in a while. It is still available!

How about a picture of the thing?

135 mm cranks
Pit Fighter seat post

I so remembered that unicycle from the custom koxx-one uni thread

Wow! That thread really took off. I don’t remember starting it even. My uni was so pretty new! Hahaha. Thanks for pulling that up. So, specs:

White Russian 20" Frame
Gold 19" Light Rim
Try-All Tire
Isis Reinforced Hub
Standard Spokes
Black Rim Tape
Isis Street 135mm Cranks
Plastic Pedals
Pit Fighter Seat Post
2 Bolts Gold Seat Post Clamp
Gold Gel Saddle

I did shim between the frame and bearings to give some more tire clearance.


Still available, OBO. Also have a Torker LX.

I may be interested in the LX. What condition is it in? What tire size?

Would you take a brand new Torker Unistar DX (Muni, with 3" wide tire) for it? Taken from box, assembled, and ridden for just an hour. My DX sells for more than the LX, so you’re probably getting the better end of the trade, especially in such excellent condition.

I’m not interested in trading. The LX is in great condition.

Just as well. I’m keeping the brand new DX and just swapping-out the tire; putting an LX tire on it that someone’s giving me free.

Still for sale. Will throw in the Torker LX. Cleaning out the garage.

Call me to talk about your unicycles? 410 937 2345 Can’t figure out how to message you…

Is the unicycle still available?

They are still available. I never get on this website, sorry for the delayed response.


Still for sale.