Classic Unis: Where are they now?

Did a search on GB4 frames tonight for a research project I’m on, and came across this:

Made me wonder about some of the great Custom Unicycles Of Old (CUOO), and where they are today.

If you know, update. If you don’t, speculate. If there are other CUOO you wonder about, post them.

I know Mojoe still has a Large Marge GB4. I don’t know if he rides anymore though.

what are all those nobs on the cranks?

Spencer Owen has a custom 24" made by Joe Rowing, which he still rides around a lot.


Richard Lewis (loosemoose) had a GB4 frame on a 26" LM wheel - I had a ride of it at Chicksands a couple of years ago.

Horrible thing IMO (both to look at and to ride), but I suppose it would count as a classic as GB no longer makes frames.


LOL, those are re-purposed bicycle cranks with the sprockets removed!

I have a GB4 29" frame. I’ve used it as a road racing uni and a light MUni. But now I don’t do 29" road riding any more, and after many iterations, I still haven’t had much luck with the MUni version. Now I’m using a pair of Black Widow cranks, which feel like they bend (and flex back) with each hard crank. But it’s a beautiful red frame.

Here are some other custom cycles I have:

  • Prehistoric Trials uni made by Chris Reeder, but with square-taper axle and the bent cranks it came with, so I don't use it.
  • Wilder MUni. Not custom perhaps, but hand made.
  • Also my carbon fiber MUni frame by Roger Davies, with Thudbuster Uni-Pivot seat post and reinforced Miyata air seat.
  • From Hamilton's Bike Shop in Wichita, Kansas, a 5-footer from the 1970s. I bought it from a professional performer who wasn't using it anymore.
  • From the Unicycle Factory, the next several, starting with my 9-footer. It has an articulated step on the back that stops the wheel, so you can freemount it. With a little practice.
  • My 45" big wheel.
  • My tiny 12" wheel with super-short frame and post.
  • My old Miyata Freestyle frame, which was shortened for a 20" wheel (they didn't come that way) and has seat tube all they way up to the seat.
  • My 24" racing frame, also a longneck custom job.
  • I used to have a skinny, super-light track unicycle with hollow axle, skinny tire, etc. It was stolen at Unicon X in China.

I know I forgot some, but there’s a sampling. :slight_smile:

Really? lol the people on the bike forums would probably have a good laugh at that one:p

I still have my Pashley Muni

I ride my Telford every week, and thank Geoffrey Faraghan every time. I use a 24 by 3 inch Nokian tire mostly, but still have a 700c road tire that gets a bit of use.


I love the unique look of Telfords for some reason, they look so odd. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if I’d count my Blizzard as a ‘classic’ though. Whilst Joe Rowing doesn’t make frames any more, UDC still list them as being for sale (well, the 20" version at least).

If anything, my muni is more of a classic, as it was a one-off by UDC (see link at the bottom of that page).

In terms of real famous classic unicycles, I guess Zach Baldwins titanium trials unicycle from Defect must be pretty high on the list. That is now (well, the frame at least) owned by Sponge, so no need to speculate on the whereabouts of it… But we can speculate on how long it’ll be before it’s back up and running :wink:



How were the Police when you reported it?

I don’t know if it even occurred to me to ask. I figured, what are the police going to do? We’re looking for a unicycle, in the middle of the biggest gathering of unicycles that ever took place in China. Yes, it mostly looks like all those other ones, but with a few minor variations…