Classic seat

my dad bought me this seat because it was cheap and i needed a seat so he bought me this one. It is beeter for trials then i thought. For sif it fits my hands perfect and the front handle is ok. the only complante i have about it is the front handle. it is the best unicycle seat I have ever tried but the other two was off my learner and my torker tx

What color did you get? Can you post pics?

he got me the brown one(i wanted the black one) and yes I will post some pics but i have to wait until my dad gets home

I took the picture but I don’t know how to get them on here. I took one of the side, top, front, and back

There should be a little plug thingy that you hook the camera up to.

it has a card and it’s my moms camera and if I messed it up she would be really mad. if I would have used my dads and messed it up he wouldn’t be as mad and his is worth alot more

if it has a card you should look for a slot to put the card into. Or just wait until your mom or dad can help.

my dad is bing lazy and want down load the pics but you can go to udc ans look at it

yea, but the UDC pics make stuff look all fake:)

sweet, get a kh handle on there is amazingly nice trust me

they look alot better in real life then on the web site

does the kris holm handle fit the classic seat because I was wondering that yesterday

I dn’t know, your welcome to try. I would suggest emailing the people at UDC and asking them. Also, I was wondering, does the classic seat have a metal seat like te viscount? And, how cushy is it?

it’s metal and pretty cushy