Citytrial - Stuttgart Germany

5min Trials of Marco and me.
Enjoy it:


Nice! Crazy rollhops, Rocco!
Are you sponsored by QU-AX?

hooly crap! you are soo damn good, rocco. agree with fredrik, nice rollhops, but theres some crazy other moves there! you are both good


Theres another direct right-click and save-as link for the gallery.

Great video!

Specially liked when you rode down the up escalator. Me and some friends were talking about that jsut 2 days ago. =p

Rocco, you keep surprising us with your great moves.
Marco is good to, but I never saw him before.
I could be wrong.


Great movie as always :slight_smile:

For the right clickers now also on as wmv or mov
Don’t miss to see all those other stuff of Rocco and also Marco in some other videos on

stop thinking amanda :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Sweet video. I was born in Stuttgart, I wish I still lived there…

That was a real good video. I loved the hop up the 5 set, that was fooking insane! I also really like the hop at 3.26, looks like a short (or slow) run up and you got it nice.

Marco, I really like your gaps, they are real nice and clean, great landing, all controlled. The ledge that you crankgrabbed down was really nice too.

Keep it up!

Mike (see you in London Rocco, look forward to riding with you)

[edit] phew…

that was awesome. I loved the big handrail ride down the stairs at the end.

that was an awesome movie, a lot of really impressive moves, keep it up!

yea i agree with evry1 !

those were some sick as tricks u werre pulling!

i love trials and that is my fortei (if its spelt that way) but yea thats some sweet riding! ur rolling hops are nutttss!

keep rolling the cameras to keep us up to date with how u guys improve! :slight_smile:

I love all your movies rocco. Rock on

Great movie!
You two are very good :astonished:

Definitely good stuff – full of energy and fluid moves. Thanks!

Other than all the reasons everyone has already stated I thought one of the greatest parts was seeing all the bicyclists and skate boarders stopped and just watching you guys unicycle

that was awesome, Its funny that everyone is just sitting still watching, and that broken pink bike, too bad the riding was awesome as well :slight_smile: << that wasn’t supposed to make sense

the escalator is a pretty original idea, I like it!

Wow, the vid rocks. Loved all the gaps.

I always enjoy your movies Rocco. Nice rail riding, and everything else.