New video of footage laying around since the beginning of this spring. Enjoy =)

This is sick! Great filming especially. Good lines and grinds. The lateflip over the bench stood out to me t he most.

Well played all of you! You’re so lucky to be able to ride together and push each other. Editing was really well done too, I liked the various effects.

As I told you, that skate park looks ghetto, in a good way. Loved the grind at 1:24 and Hugo’s last one too.
The late? 180 over the bench was cool too I guess.

Some cool filming and editting also.

awesome guys, always like watching both your stuff :slight_smile: good to see you going big and small :stuck_out_tongue: like the tech stuff and big stuff mix

Woah that skatepark is awesome, how come it’s so quiet? :slight_smile:
Very very enjoyable video, amazing riding coupled with great editing!
I liked the bit where you spliced together the two clips of you and hugo hopping down that big set, it looked awesome :smiley:

At 9 im the morning, there’s not much people there.
Thank you =)
That was Edmond with and without a shirt :stuck_out_tongue:

@Doamono: Thanks, it’s always nice to read comments like this

@Any Terrain: The 180 over the bench wasn’t intented to be late but Hugo always do them a bit later than usual when doing them over stuff. Thank you

@ Thank you sir

@ Thanks Zach, That lateflip took Hugo quite a few tries :wink: if not alot hehe. The flowers in the landing were not helping much either :roll_eyes:

Thanks for commenting, it is appreciated.

Vimeo is up:

those were some cool grinds, the late flip over the bench was completely amazing tho :astonished:

Excellent video. I loved the whole thing. All the grinds looked sick, and that late flip over the bench :astonished: The skate park you guys ride in looks pretty sweet…

Thanks for the comment guys. The lateflip over the bench was, indeed, crazy :stuck_out_tongue: Apart from the long rail I grinded and the flat ledge I 360 out of it, there’s not much to do there, but yeah it’s cool :stuck_out_tongue:

nice vid :slight_smile: