City Cycling

Anyone know who this is? I’m sure he looks familiar:

He’s…some guy on a giraffe.

Giraffe riders are generally not well-known in the unicyclist community.
But that one might give even the tallest real giraffes a run for their…uh…greens?

Whos to say all he does is ride a giraffe?

He looks to be a professional street entertainer, on the front cover of a UK magazine. In the UK, at least, professional street entertainers are often fairly well known among parts of the unicycling community, particularly given that a great many of us are also part of the juggling community.

He must have some guts to ride in such a small area, if he fell back or forwards the crowd would get it!

Whoever he is it is great to see a unicycle on the cover of a magazine. Was there an article in it about unicycling?

I’ll wager he can’t FlyMo and toss down a pint on that thing, though.

You can look if you want, it’s an online magazine so you can look at it all by following the link in the OP.

It’s not very likely though, CityCycling usually just has a cool photo on the front that’s related to cycling but not necessarily to any of the magazine contents.

I’ve just had an e-mail from the editor, whose webstats show a lot of people visiting the site from this thread!

He mentioned that there’s a guy in Edinburgh who commutes regularly by unicycle - anyone know who that might be? I don’t think I know any Scottish unicyclists.