I’ve recently made this vid of me riding in BCN during my erasmus and just figured out that I forgot to put a link to it on :), so here it is:

greets :)!!!

great vid and some very good lines!
Barcelone looks like a nice place to ride!

Insane editing,
nice riding,
thats a totally beautifull video.:slight_smile:

is one of the bests videos of 2010!!!

and yes barcelona is a great place for ride, but girona is infinitly better!!!


Already seen it on Facebook I think :). Awesome video!!

I saw this on facebook a while ago, really enjoyed it! :slight_smile: awesome lines :smiley:

Aleix you have right with no doubt - Girona es un ciudad el mejor y estupende para trial :smiley: jajajaa!
Yeap, I’ve post it recently on facebook but didn’t thought that so many people will saw it there - this fact is suprising me very much maybe that is so called facebook magic hah :slight_smile:


you’re awesome at hopping right onto skinnies

I was happy just watching people eat flan. That was awesome.

So sweet…

Great job : Film, edit, sound, even greater skills…
Loved the smoothness and control on the skinnies, slackline… :astonished: :astonished:
Almost impossible to close my mouth after watching.

well i have to say that i didnt like that almost every clip had the color with black and white. kind made the vid a little cheesie but the riding was nice :slight_smile:

Great video. I loved the colour contrasts in the video, made the Uni action seem more alive. The riding was brilliant. Nice one :slight_smile:

Incredible video :astonished: Crazy lines, awesome editing, and amazing backdrop. I am just getting back into pure trials, so this is very inspiring! I will have to go and ride there when I go to Europe for my gap year… :roll_eyes: