Cirque du Soleil WHEELS!

Congratulations to Tom Miller of The Unicycle Factory! His custom 7 foot wheels appeared in the first television performance of Varekai tonight on Bravo. They are absolutely beautiful.

Perhaps someone with the proper video/computer equipment can capture and post it for us.

What kind of wheels? I saw a performance of Quidam the other night on Bravo, and they were using what we call German Gym Wheels. That’s the thing you stand inside of, strap your feet down, and roll around by shifting your body weight. A very cool performance.

It’s the latest one, Varekai. (sp?)

They are two independently-axled wheels with a body harness inside. The guy who does the target-on-head thing stands in the harness and kinda rides around and spins. Not hugely dramatic like the German wheel, but they are so nice looking.

It’s John Gilkey who was in Quidam and is now in Varekai. His website is pretty out of date.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Wow! Got to go see Gilkey. I’m a big fan ever since seeing him at the '95 IJA Festival, then in Quidam.