Cirque du Soleil w/ Russian unicyclists in SF Chronicle

Sorry, I couldn’t find the thread for uni news, but I saw this in the paper today.
w/ Diana Aleshchenko and Yury Shavro
I saw a vid of them (I think) on Youtube, also posted here somewhere.

We’re going to see the show in a few weeks. Your post was a reminder to me to contact them and see if I can set up an interview for UNI Magazine! Plus maybe then they’ll let me take pictures, otherwise none are allowed at Cirque shows…

PM or email me when you find out when you are going to go. Most of my friends wouldn’t be interested.

You may want to contact Ashley Foster, who’s working in the VIP tent. (Not doing anything interesting, unless you count giving out cocktails).

that unicycle act was also in solstrum, the cirque tv series.

His unicycle is really bizarre. The hub flanges are huge and the seat is… really uncomfy looking. Really I think it’d be great to ask him a few questions, there are things I am curious about!

I saw this show live in montreal, and it really is awesome. You don’t often see unicycles in performance, usually a nouveau style circus is focused mostly on aerial acts.