cirque du soleil - Unicyclist

Does anyone know who this AWESOME unicyclist is?
at 3:30 he’s doing a no hand backflip on a trampoline :astonished:

JUST AWESOME!!! but imo the 2 wheels man was awesome too :smiley:

yeah they’re both great! but like the unicyclist most :stuck_out_tongue:

awesome :slight_smile: the backflipas insane!!
cirque du soleil comes to oostend this summer (a city 10km from my city:p)

Great routine, cirque du soleil do it like no others!

The guy looks like a pretty good freestyler besides working it on the trampoline. I was a little disappointed when I saw that he was strapped to the pedals, but I guess it would be nearly impossible to do half of that stuff without doing so.

Video favourited.

I’ve seen tham already on the forums in another video, I remember that bearded guy on the 2 wheeled thing:p They are awesome though!

I’m not trying to be mean to the unicyclist. What he does is awesome. But that is a special trampoline that allows you to jump higher. The threading on the trampoline is wider apart. And if I had a seat that high and was strapped in
I’d backflip too.

oh yea we watched this at the NZ Uni Weekend last year. the whole time everyone was waiting for him to backflip. and everyone just went off wen he finally did. good memories

oops think I’ve made i mistake, in the background is standing “Cirque Phenix” with very big letters… xD

either way, these guys did a great job, very theatrical too, i bet their circus makes alot of money!

It’s the best circus in the world! I went to see varekai In London, wish I saw this one now. I want to be that guy!


I saw Quidam in Vancouver and it still sticks with me as one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen:D

i think OUK just explained that this ‘isnt’ cirque du soleil.

That’s really not cirque du soleil dude. They come from Chalons en Champagne (France).

Did you guys already seen another circus than Cirque du Soleil? It’s the most boring (of contemporary circus) that I’ve seen IMO.

*Cirque Phenix is the best Circus in the world!

That was amazing. Both riders were awesome IMO.