circusproject in Romania


M name is Anne. I’m a volunteer in Romania and planed with an other girl a circus project in my village. Unfortunately she had to leave earlier and now I’m alone with that project.

This is a short description for it:

The main theme of the following project is to create a circus for children with the final aim to have a show with an audience comprised of the local villagers. The project will be placed in Covasînt with a maximum of 50 participants.
The participants will work together in groups which are specialised to one aspect of the circus.
The topics from the groups are juggling with different materials, riding unicycles, balance on a rope, magic, acrobatics, creating an animal show, walking on a balance globe, building requisites, sewing costumes and making a documentary of the project.
Each child has the possibility to participate in a maximum of two groups. In the taster weekend at the start they can choose in which groups they want to participate in.
After this weekend the groups have regular meetings for six weeks in which they developed their skills and create a final show. With the shows from every group we will create one big show which will be performed to the public. At the end each participant will get a DVD as a memory and furthermore this DVD would be sold to the public.

Now I’m searching for someone how is interested to do that project with me. I have no experiences in riding a unicycle and walk on a balance globe. So I’m searching for someone how is able to do even one of this things and motivated to work with me. The taster weekend will be at 28.2/1.3.09. Seven weeks after this (18.4) is the final show. The fly, accommodation and foot would be covert from the money for the project.

So if you are interested to join the circus project and stay 7 weeks in the west of Romania, than write me.

Thanks for any help,