Circus World Regulars

Got a call from Stacey at Circus World this morning. Not only did our club have a great time there


but evidently so did the Circus World staff and visitors. They would like us to contact them in the spring and set up a day next summer for a performance by our club and write us into the summer’s itinerary. How exciting! What a great opportunity to boost our kid’s enthusiam for unicycling and performance. It’s wonderful for the kids morale and self-esteem to know that they did a great job and are appreciated and admired.

By next year, we should have even better performance routines. At the end of our performances, we love to invite the crowds to interact with us and try riding our unicycles. It’s always a great time. We’re looking forward to it already.


Watch out for the elephants next time. :wink:

Re: Circus World Regulars

john_childs wrote:
> Watch out for the elephants next time. :wink:

… and lions and tigers and bears, oh my :smiley:


I think next time, we’ll keep our visiting noses where they belong.