Circus Unicycle?

Hey im new to this stuff i was looking on ebay and theres circus unicycles. Can i do freestyle with em and are they any good? Heres the link to it.

you could do some freestyle on it but you will be very limited
It does not have a flat crown fork so you wont be able to do things such as 1ft ww stand up ww and 1ft riding, also there is a big gap between the tyre and the top of the fork so if it did have a flat crown fork you would struggle. you could do things such as ww and sideways ww and probably unispins. also you would want a handle on the saddle and probably a more comftable saddle. You will also find the seat wont be very stiff and it will twist because it doesnt have a very good clamp and also that you will probably catch your leg on the clamp. and finaly the cranks look week and the pedals wont be great either.

looks like a great deal for the price, but is a very basic unicycle. Find for starting out on, or as a secondary beater. If you’re just learning to ride, go ahead! Once you outgrow it you can keep it as a spare or loan it out so your friends can learn to ride.

BTW there is nothing particularly “circus” about that unicycle other than the general fact it has one wheel. What a circus performer generally wants from a unicycle is one that won’t break, regardless of weight.

BOOOOOO :angry: :angry: :angry:

:Dput the circus unicycle manufactures :angry: out of business!!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

yeh thats wat i was thinking of doing coz i can get a nimbus II of a guy for $125 so ill probably get that in like 2 months if i still enjoy unicycyling.

yea…For 1c plus shipping i’d but it…lol.
But I’d just go for the Torker DX, then you wont have to buy another and find out if you like it, because you’lll get addicted to it once you learn.

yeh but the torker DX is only on and shippping is $150 alone just to get it 2 perth.

well i just won the bid for it and my uni will be here in about 7 days cant wait.

Nice work:)
If you dont mind me asking, how much you get it for?
You’ll be a fully fledged rider in no time;)

i got it for $20 plus $29 shipping so i did really well. The same one went for $51 last night. But i think its because i bid in working hours so everyone is at work not on ebay bidding so no1 bid. I bid $20 in the last 2 hours and no1 bid after that.

No DX!? kk, I understand for that much shipping.
I would think they would manufacture a couple over in Australia.
Well good luck with the unicycle.