circus kids

did anybody used to watch circus kids on the disney channel. it was about the circus smirkus. Rip off bastards. u know how much it costs to even audition? bout 3 grand! Frig me. But you losers would probebly pay that wouldnt you. FREEDOM OF SPEECH BABY, IF I THINK SOMETHINGS SHIT, I INTEND TO LET YOU KNOW.

by the way my friend, u know who u are, this is jst a bit of harmless fun, dont take it to heart this time.

Re: circus kids

Friend? If you were my friend, would you be doing this? I dont think so.

And harmless fun? It is harmless, but its just pissing people off round here. I think people are right though, you should find some proper friends, or something useful to do with your time, rather then posting shit on the forum. I got to agree with them, you are retarded!


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