Circus Factory Found

> Chris C. Broome on Tue, Mar 7, 1995 20:55 wrote:
> >Can any of the UK members of this list provide any information on "The
> Circus >Factory" ?

Paul Selwood wrote

>>I’ve a feeling these are connected with Beard in some way. They are based
>>Hebden Bridge on the Yorkshire Pennines. I don’t know an address (not even one
>>in the old copy of Catch I’m lugging around today) but I’m sure
>>out there will be able to do better than me…

Nice one Paul! I managed to get the full details from the info you gave:

Beard Enterprises There is a catalogue available by snail-mail. Old Town Mill
Old Town I did ask but they don’t have e-mail. Hebden Bridge West Yorks HX7 8TE
England Telephone: +44 01422 843672 Business Hours: 0900-1700 GMT/BST Although
sometimes somebody is there from 0830