Circus Divino (Circo?)

Last night I saw a three-person circus troupe billed as “Circus Divino” (and once as “Circo Divino”), based out of New Haven, CT; USA.

Along with juggling, ladder-work, and stilt-work, they did a few bits on unicycles, including a unicycle ho-down(sp?), using standard unicycles on bumpy grass-turf no less, and riding a giraffe while playing an accordian, again on far-from-ideal turf.

All in all a fun evening. Gotta’ love circus-folk; them’s my kind o’ people!

>riding a giraffe while playing an accordian

Dang! I thought I was going to be the first! Just curious, how did he manage to get the accordion on top of the giraffe? I haven’t figured out how to do that yet…


Sorry, I wrote that before my first cup of coffee. He rode a giraffe uni, and he played the accordian while riding a uni, but the two were separate. He did the playing on a standard uni.

Aha! So there’s still a chance!

Nope. No chance of being the first unless you figure out how to travel back in time.

Here is a blurb taken from <> Scroll down to the bottom of the page:

On the open-stage at the 19th European Juggling Association Festival, in Grenoble, France, 1996, Peter Weiss played the piano-accordion while one-foot idling a six-foot giraffe, and balancing a broom on his other foot. A number of other reports of accordian-playing unicyclists have been heard.

One thing that is interesting is that he managed to play both an accordion and an accordian in the same act! I don’t know how well he played the accordion durring his act. I also don’t know if he did it with a full size 120 button accordion or one of those small 12 button accordions.

I managed to play “The Too Fat Polka” while on my 24" Schwinn on a full size 120 button accordion. I’m not going to try it on a giraffe.